Our NEW G Plan Showroom

Our NEW G Plan Showroom

We are delighted that our new showroom in the beautiful Harrington Mills, Long Eaton, is now complete and we’re due to open the doors to the public very soon.

We are pleased to be joining our sister brands with a permanent space within this historic building. Did you know, Harrington Mills was one of Nottingham’s premier lace-making mills, built back in 1885. And today, it is home to some of the finest furniture and upholstery makers – it doesn’t get much better than this.

Our new showroom is a fabulous brand destination, showcasing the very latest G Plan direction. With our human-centric approach and our passion to offer contemporary, stylish products, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our latest models offer sophistication, elegance and are tailored to fit a modern lifestyle – without compromising on comfort (which goes without saying).

Our models are available in a wide range of fabrics and leathers – including a selection of velvets, allowing customers to customise their furniture to suit their style.

Here are just some of our new models that you can explore at our showroom:



Made for modern living with modular units, innovative design and indisputable comfort, Hurst is the perfect balance of form and function.



Westwood has a clean, contemporary silhouette with deep soft seats and indulgent comfort that you’ll love to come home to.


Jude’s timeless design and generous comfort o­ffer a stylish sanctuary that would suit any space.


Riley has award-winning design features and provides the ultimate ergonomic comfort to enhance both wellbeing and comfort.

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